OURAY Environmental Services (OURAY) offers our clients a fully searchable and secure manifest database. With this service you will be able to submit paper or digital manifests to OURAY and be able to retrieve them 24-hours a day via our secure on-line database. We believe that this is a great asset to help our customers catalog their manifests and meet their regulatory requirements.

During the stressful time of an audit from a State/Provincial or Federal regulatory body they may ask you to present them with a manifest for any given waste movement. With this manifest management service you will be able to present them with the desired manifest within minutes.

Our clients will be able to search for the manifest by the following criteria:

(Manifest Number / EPA Identification Number / Address of Generation / Client Purchase Order Number / OURAY Job Number)

The pricing is as listed below:

Number of Manifests:

50 – 250 251 – 500 501 – 1000 1000+ Per Additional
Cost per Annum: $850.00 $1,500.00 $2,500.00 Call for Pricing $4.00

As you can see, the more manifests you have the better the pricing gets and any manifest that exceeds your expected needs will be billed at a price of $4.00 per manifest. Does your organization have less than 50 manifests per year? If so, we offer a rate of $6.00 per manifest to fill your needs.

The term “manifest” for the purpose of this pricing is described as any manifest, continuation sheet, land disposal restriction or any other documents associated with one manifest number. All paper manifests that are submitted to OURAY will be uploaded and then filed at the OURAY corporate office in Westminster, CO.

Billing will be conducted on a per calendar year basis from the start of the activation of the service to the same date on the following year. A charge of $50.00 per year will also be assessed for every 1,000 manifests being kept in the system with a $100.00 minimum.

Pricing is for new manifests as submitted to OURAY or as a result of projects conducted by OURAY. If, for any reason, the subscription is terminated OURAY will keep all manifests for up to three years at which point they will be provided to the customer in electronic form.

If you would like to start this groundbreaking service please contact us via email at info@ourayservices.com or call us at +1 (303) 593-2087.