OURAY offers our clients a fully searchable and secure manifest database. With this service you will be able to submit paper or digital manifests to OURAY and be able to retrieve them 24-hours a day via our secure on-line database. We believe that this is a great asset to help our customers catalog their manifests and meet their regulatory requirements.

During the stressful time of an audit from a State/Provincial or Federal regulatory body they may ask you to present them with a manifest for any given waste movement. With this manifest management service you will be able to present them with the desired manifest within minutes.

Our clients are able to search for the manifest by the following criteria:
(Manifest Number / EPA Identification Number / Address of Generation / Client Purchase Order Number / OURAY Job Number)

To find out more about this great service and receive pricing details please visit our website at www.ourayservices.com or contact us at +1 (303) 593-2087.