OURAY has partnered with several organizations so that we may offer recycling options for your waste management needs. Our most popular program is our solvent distillation process. OURAY can offer services to distillate solvents (halogenated and non-halogenated) through simple distillation or physical separation processes.

Most of the distillation solvents are generated as waste by the chemical industry or the production of pharmaceuticals. Others come from the use or removal of waste products including coatings, inks, resins and solvents.

The recycling process starts with a sample of the product or waste. Once the analysis of the physical-chemical characteristics of the material is completed, a scaled simulation of the industrial distillation is done in the laboratory to enable accurate assessment of the process when undertaken on site.

After obtaining the simulation results, we can offer the client the options of transferring the recovered distillate to the market, or returning it to the client once it is recovered. (toll distillation)