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OURAY              Integrated         Response      Solution 

"OURAY is the first emergency
response company in the world to offer completely integrated Level 1 (powered by NCEC), Level 2, and Level 3 response solutions in North America; in Asia; and
on a global scale."

Our Integrated Response Solution truly bridges a historically non-integrated service gap and fulfills the demand from clients to have complete Level 1, 2, and 3 turnkey solutions. OURAY is providing this industry-leading approach due to the historic lack of emergency response integration from initial notification through dispatching of response personnel to final remediation has inevitably led to delays and miscommunication during our customer’s most critical times. In many cases, these delays have increased the costs of responses due to time delays, plus the additional expense of managing two or more response businesses instead of one. With OURAY’s Integrated Response Solution, all notifications, SDS dissemination, and dispatching along with management of an emergency response scene can now be brought into a single, customizable solution tailored for each client’s individual needs. 



This new solution is highly customizable with multiple options to fit your business’s needs:



  • Select which regions of the world your company needs to cover;

  • Create custom contact requirements and approval triggers;

  • Choose between local or regional phone numbers throughout the world to ensure ease of access at the scene;

  • Provide OURAY with your SDS to ensure rapid, product-specific, advice;

  • Have a product with special hazards? OURAY will work with you to design custom emergency response data solutions (aka “OURAY Go Book”); and

  • Fully integrated solutions to comply with China’s unique emergency response requirements (through the NRCC).



More about NCEC:

Why OURAY chose NCEC:


OURAY and NCEC have a similar culture and business philosophy.  Like OURAY, NCEC works with most of the largest chemical manufacturers and shippers throughout the world.  Collectively, we believe that only highly trained and experienced staff should interact with any caller, so that we can provide actual and tactical advice immediately.  NCEC utilizes only trained chemists as their level one response personnel and provides real-time response to the caller while OURAY utilizes only highly trained and experienced hazardous materials managers and response personnel.

NCEC (National Chemical Emergency Centre) has provided Level 1 chemical response since its inception in 1973.  NCEC is a Ricardo company located in Didcot, United Kingdom.  Their emergency response helpline operates 365 days a year, 24/7, providing uninterrupted, reliable service. Accessed through a network of international telephone numbers and local language speakers, NCEC’s service helps chemical suppliers and transporters comply with the complexity of international chemical safety regulations. NCEC works to mitigate impacts to people, the environment, assets, and reputation, and provides a consistently high quality of response and transparency across global organizations.



Why Integrated Response is Important:


An integrated response ensures the fastest response time throughout the world.  This means, limiting impact to health and the environment, protecting your companies reputation, saving money through fast response and management practices, a team-centric approach with real-world response and chemical knowledge, fully integrated plan writing and review through all levels of response.

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