OURAY has a wide selection of products and services for the mining industry.  Whether you’re mining gold in the mountains of Peru, copper in Indonesia or sand near the Permian basin, OURAY is there for you with robust engineering, construction and environmental services.  OURAY can provide the equipment and experienced personnel to do anything from physically mining the ore to provide systems improvement to make your facility run to its highest capacity. 

OURAY has conducted process improvements and engineering reviews within the frac sand mining (proppants) industry for years. From improved flow designs, wet plant balance issue reviews through to deposit selection and storm water planning. OURAY can help you make sure that your facility is operating at its highest yield and most efficient capability

OURAY can design, build and install custom equipment for your facility as well as provide systems maintenance services for your existing process’.

Environmental Plan Writing & Audits

OURAY has a highly trained and accredited staff to help our customers establish new plans or audit and update their existing plans.  We can write facility SPCC, Waste Management and Storm Water plans.  OURAY can also audit their facilities for compliance to their internal plans and to the governments requirements.

Process Improvements

OURAY expert staff of highly training, accredited and experienced staff can help our mineral processing customers through the review and improvements of their facilities process’.  If your facility has a wet plant process, OURAY can conduct a complete engineering review and recommend the needed improvements to help that facility run more safely and closer to its potential while also improving that plants longevity

Excavation & Mining

OURAY can provide our customers with turn-key mining solutions.  OURAY has the expertise and the personnel to operate the large excavation equipment at your facility.  We can completely eliminate the need for your organization to manage the personnel and equipment sourcing and maintenance while offering the best material selection process’s for your downstream consumption.

Deposit Review

OURAY has the trained, experienced and accredited staff to conduct a complete mine deposit review.  OURAY can conduct core drillings, mineral analysis, area site review, mapping and other data to establish a complete mining plan.

Aerial Photography & Video

OURAY can create and analyze orthomosia maps, elevation maps, and 3D models to explore potential development sites. Providing progress reports on construction and traffic management to give a clear overview for logistics planning.

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