Asia Pacific


OURAY is currently working with many of the world’s largest chemical manufacturers and transporters to establish the Asia-Pacific Response Consortium.  The Asia-Pacific (APAC) Response Consortium was created as a mechanism to limit the fiduciary liabilities associated with the uncontrolled release of dangerous goods for all Consortium members collectively. To accomplish this, the consortium will acquire, maintain and manage regionally located response equipment and provide highly trained level 3 response personnel.

Through the strategic placement of equipment and personnel, delays typically involved with the mobilization of equipment and personnel through national customs borders are minimized. Minimization of response times, along with ongoing regional public and regulatory collaborative outreach, will be combined to produce a timely and positive resolution for any dangerous goods release.


OURAY and our partner companies hope to have the Consortium fully formed by January 1, 2022.  Please contact us for your copy of the official proposal or for additional details.





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