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AAR C6r Certified Repairs

OURAY is an Association of American Railroads

(AAR) C6r certified organization with Mobile Repair

Units capable of conducting certified service equipment replacement on loaded and unloaded hazardous and

non-hazardous railroad tank cars.

OURAY can work with you through the process of getting construction certificates and valve arrangements from the car owners, inspecting the car to determine what replacements are needed, order the exact replacements, install them and leak test them before certifying that the car is ready to return to the interchange. 

OURAY can conduct certified field repairs such as:

•      remove and replace valves

•      remove and replace rupture discs

•      remove and replace pressure/vacuum relief devices

•      remove and replace nozzle gaskets

•      flaring and sparging

•      full transfer activities


This means no more stranded rail cars, the need for the time-consuming OTMA approval process, or the costs associated with taking the car out of service to clean and then repair it at a remote repair facility.


In addition to the C6r service program, OURAY is also offering a robust on-facility tank car inspection "blitz" and combining it with hands-on training for your loading rack and other facility personnel.


This program was assembled at the request of our chemical manufacturing customers in an attempt to lower their FRA fine potential and to eliminate NAR's. The training is conducted by OURAY personnel that are Advanced Tank Car Specialists and Level II Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) certified.

We work closely with you to provide a fully customized training program that incorporates the chemical commodities and tank car types of any particular facility. This training can also be expanded to incorporate intermodal tanks and road tankers.

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