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"OURAY provides the world's only global emergency response services to chemical emergency incidents."

Global Emergency Response

OURAY provides the world's only global emergency response services to chemical emergency incidents. Having conducted emergency response work around the world with some of the industry's most dangerous commodities, OURAY provides unparalleled expertise and capabilities.  Whether you are shipping materials in limited quantities, drums, intermodal tanks, or barge quantities, OURAY can help you in your time of need.

  • Environmental Plan Writing & Audits
    OURAY has highly trained and accredited staff to help our customers establish new plans or audit and update their existing plans. OURAY can help our customers with response plans for their special products or their individual facilities. We can write facility SPCC, Waste Management, and Storm Water plans. OURAY can also audit their facilities for compliance with their internal plans and to the government's requirements.
  • Hazardous & Industrial Waste Disposal
    OURAY processes hundreds of waste shipments each year. We provide a complete solution that includes waste characterization, profiling, manifesting, transportation & disposal of your waste materials. Whether your waste is regulated, non-regulated, corrosive, flammable, oxidizing, bulk, or non-bulk we can provide your organization with a complete turn-key solution.
  • ISO Tank Repair
    OURAY conducts global services for many of the top ISO tank (intermodal tank) operators. We also stock a variety of parts at our facility so that we can respond to your unique needs in a timely manner. Whether your need involves T11, T20, T22, or T50 tanks we have the tank knowledge and product expertise for the repair or transload services you desire.
  • Material Transfer & Transloading
    OURAY has both the equipment and expertise to conduct large liquid, gas, or solid transload to some of the world's most dangerous materials.
  • Blocking & Bracing
    Many of our clients transport hazardous and non-hazardous cargo across the land, sea, and by air. OURAY utilizes its international reach to conduct site audits of our client’s customers. We ensure that facilities are following the mandated blocking and bracing techniques to protect our client’s liabilities and save them money.
  • Remediation
    OURAY conducts many large and small remediation projects every year. These projects can range from soil excavation to surface and groundwater remediation activities and can arise as part of a continuation of an emergency response incident or as part of a long-term industrial project. We provide the expertise to best and most cost-effectively handle your remediation needs.
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