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OURAY Asia Pacific

As part of OURAY’s commitment to the global chemical manufacturing and transportation industry, we are adding a location in Singapore to provide comprehensive chemical response program for the Asia-Pacific region.  At the request of our customers and through a strong partnership with Chemours, OURAY will establish a permanent location in Singapore to provide high-level chemical response, transloading, training, and auditing services.  

Starting on January 1st of 2022, the Singapore location will provide a geographically advantageous site that will allow OURAY to provide the below-listed retainage-based services to the entire Asia-Pacific region including:

Container Response:
-     Bulk Vessel

-    Intermodal Tanks

-    Road Tankers

-    IBCs

-    Cylinders

-    Drums

-    Bags & Pails  


Chemical Response:
-    Compressed Gasses
-    Liquified Gasses
-    Toxic by Inhalation
-    Monomers
-    Corrosives
-    Flammables
-    Reactives
-    Dangerous when Wet
-    Non-Hazardous/Non-Regulated Materials


Other Services/Consulting:
-    Waste Transportation & Disposal
-    Industrial & Transportation Tank Cleaning
-    Non-Destructive Testing
-    Training Services
-    Logistics Exposure Audits
-    Warehouse Safety/Compliance Audits
-    Waste Disposal Facility Audits
-    Facility Preparedness Audits
-    Response Plan Writing & Review

With a central location in Singapore and additional strategically placed equipment caches in other locations, along with our robust network of contracted providers, OURAY will have quick response access to the entire region.

OURAY is providing its customers a complete turn-key response solution within the Asia-Pacific Region.  This includes a complete and integrated Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 response solution.  We believe that the objectives in an emergency need to follow a PEAR model for People, Environment, Assets, and Reputation. From the minute the call goes out to the day the regulators close their case file, OURAY will help you manage your company’s risk.  


Level 1: If needed, Ouray has partnered with NCEC, a global leader in telephone-based emergency response advice, to provide the Level One component of the program. NCEC have been providing emergency response support for 48 years, and work with many hundreds of companies globally, including 50% of the top 100 chemical manufacturers in the world to directly reduce the impact of an incident to people, the environment, costly assets and ultimately organizational reputation.

The packaged solution includes coverage for your shipments and transportation of hazardous goods within APAC, providing advice and support in the English language through a Singapore telephone number. 

Under this arrangement, during an incident, a caller will connect to an NCEC emergency responder. These responders are all qualified in chemistry and trained to directly support the response to the incident. This isn’t reading from an SDS; this is working with the caller to understand the situation, the conditions at the scene, the help the caller requires and then contextualizing chemical information and data into meaningful and actionable guidance. This help will initial responders be focused on keeping people at the scene safe, reducing the impact on the environment, and, where safe to do so, walk the caller through the required steps to clean up and close the incident. 

OURAY can help your company establish escalation procedures so that whatever your Level 1 solution is, if a physical response is required, the phone gets answered.  A chemical release is not the time to realize that someone in your organization isn’t as dedicated as you thought and isn’t going to pick up the phone.


Level 2: OURAY provides more than advice.  Our robust network of hazardous materials service providers can provide quick, in-country responses to most low to moderate hazard chemical releases.  OURAY’s highly trained and capable staff with real-world chemical response and transfer experience can also quickly mobilize to any scene throughout the region and apply their expertise to any incident.  The service does not end when the respirators come off, OURAY can also help with the complicated issue of disposal of any waste generated by the response.   Remember, PEAR can mean different things in different situations, but whether it’s a tanker that cannot move because of a leak, a release that threatens water and wildlife, or a video of a spill that made its way onto social media, OURAY has the people, training and resources to help your company manage the crisis.  Welcome to the new Level 2.  


Level 3: Sometimes you have a crisis, but if your company is dealing with certain chemicals, it is not just a crisis, it’s a CRISIS.  These high-hazard chemicals cover all the PEAR bases.  People’s health is at risk, the environment can be irreparably damaged, large amounts of your company’s assets could be taken out of service for significant periods or outrightly destroyed, and the mishandling of a high-hazard release could cause your company’s reputation to suffer.  If the release is a hazard beyond the skills and/or equipment of our local response partners, OURAY has its own team of highly trained personnel capable of responding rapidly to any location around the region to mitigate any high hazard chemical emergency your organization may have.  


As a member of OURAY’s APAC retainage-based response service, your money will go further than before.    OURAY is offering subscription levels to help fit our client’s needs, but the higher-level subscriptions also come with more benefits.  We are providing the following additional services beyond our response program that are free, or at a discount.


FREE: OURAY will grant their customers up to 40-hours of free hazardous materials, safety, or environmental training annually.  The classes will be conducted online or in Singapore.  For larger classes, we are happy to work with our customers to travel to their location with compensation for travel-related expenses.  If your facility is in need of location-specific training, OURAY will also be offering task-specific training, facility and field bonding and grounding training, and spill prevention and response training with the previously mentioned travel arrangements.


DISCOUNTED: OURAY is offering its customers discounted auditing services.  The discount amount depends on the service being provided and your client level but could be as much as 20% off services such as Logistics Exposure Audits, Warehouse Safety Audits, Waste Disposal Facility Audits, or Facility Preparedness Audits to help you ensure compliance.  OURAY will also be offering response exercises to keep your team’s response skills sharp.  


OTHER PRIVILEGES: Higher-level members will also receive a 5% discount off the time-and-materials rate

schedule and up to 10 hours of Dangerous Goods compliance consulting per year.

PRICING:  Pricing for the full array of retainer-based programs, along with more detailed benefits descriptions outlined in the annually issued rate schedule attached to this document.


One of OURAY’s lead managers from the Denver, USA office has committed to moving to Singapore and running the operation.  Mr. John West, PE, PMP, CHMM will take over this location as the Manager of the Asia-Pacific Region where he will work with local staff and ensure the high level of quality and service our customers have become accustomed to.


Mr. West is a licensed professional engineer, certified hazardous materials manager, and professional project manager with over 20 years of experience in high-stress decision-making and flexible problem solving including environmental project management, client relations, safety management, and quality assurance. Mr. West’s work in environmental consulting has included an emphasis on emergency response, emergency planning including SPCC and FRP; and assessments associated with EPA Brownfields and CERCLA removal sites. His involvement with the wide variety of sites and chemicals has given him the ability to quickly determine appropriate objectives for assessment sites and implement proper procedures to ensure safe operations and quality information for decision making.  The knowledge Mr. West has gained over many years of performing emergency response work provides him with the ability to quickly assess hazards and provide expert guidance for the containment, monitoring, and removal of hazardous material and oil spills. Additionally, Mr. West was heavily involved in the review of plans and inspection of SPCC and FRP facilities on behalf of the EPA. This experience has provided him a solid understanding of the regulations and insight into what the regulators look for during plan reviews and inspections






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